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Motivational Expertise

"We believe our most valuable assets go home in our cars every night"

It’s perhaps a cliché but the Miles Group believes people really are the key to its success. Our business is all about people and much focus and effort goes into ensuring our people are the best in the industry. We focus on having people in our business with relevant experience, thorough product knowledge, a real understanding of their customer dynamics and most particularly... a will to succeed.

Every Miles Group business plan begins by setting specific, clear, realistic and challenging goals, giving direction to our sales people about what has to be done and how much effort is needed. Working towards achieving these goals then becomes a major source of job motivation. Regular feedback of performance results helps every sales person to work with more involvement, leading to greater job satisfaction. As a result everybody becomes fully enrolled and committed to achieving every one of our clients objectives.

Abundant levels of peer pressure exist throughout the group within this goal setting framework, with our sales people regularly reviewing their performance compared to others in the team. A natural desire and determination to lead all others ultimately helps our client brands to succeed.

The fact that our sales people are rewarded with a higher than average industry level of remuneration is also worth considering when choosing to work with the most highly motivated sales team around today.