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Pharmacy Coverage

"With outlet numbers dominated by Independents it’s a hard market to build and hard to lose!"

The UK’s pharmacy market grows ever more complex. Independents compete tirelessly with multiple pharmacies on the high street while both are feeling the impact of supermarket owned pharmacies. In such a competitive market one thing is for sure: pharmacy buyers want the best service and the lowest price.

In total there are almost 14,000 registered pharmacies, described below. Over 1,000 new pharmacies, closures or changes of ownership occur every year. Against this background, manufacturers must best attempt to maximise sales and marketing potential. This is best achieved with the support of the Miles Group and its industry leading 'real time' register of pharmacies premises.

Despite the major multiple’s dominance of the pharmacy market over 50% of all outlets are still considered of independent ownership. UK pharmacy outlets breakdown as follows:

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