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"Buying into an existing infrastructure opens doors immediately and minimises risk"

The main benefits gained by employing the services of the Miles Group Volume Team are the industry contacts, experience, expertise and great understanding of all of the key market sectors. The investment required for another business to reproduce this knowledge base is considerable and unless their firm is large enough to sustain such an investment, it’s a strategy that could present long term risks. With the outsourced model the investment in skills and expertise is shared out across the entire portfolio.

Within the current economic climate cutting costs has become an ever bigger consideration with the emergence of deep price cutting amongst the major multiples and with a growing number of discount stores emerging margins have been driven down. By outsourcing to the Miles Group manufacturers can reduce their cost base without compromising on quality of representation. More importantly it’s recognised that multiple buyers welcome this approach – it reduces buying effort and provides a known and trusted point of contact for a variety of products.

Our Volume Team currently represents a wide range of manufacturers in every multiple account in the UK including:

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