By outsourcing to the Miles Group manufacturers can reduce their cost base without compromising on quality of representation. More importantly it’s recognised that multiple buyers welcome this approach – it reduces buying effort and provides a known and trusted point of contact for a variety of products.

  • Exceptional experience
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Streamlined infrastructure

Outsourcing sales resources with the Miles Group offers access to a multi-skilled, highly experienced team, in a cost-effective solution that can be scaled to meet changing business needs.

  • Minimise recruitment and retention costs
  • Reduce or remove training budgets
  • Slim down associated HR costs

Agreeing key performance indicators

Client relationships start by agreeing key performance indicators, such as target sales or new levels of distribution, for example. Thereafter progress is reported and reviewed in a timely, clear, precise and unambiguous manner.

We believe transparency is a powerful force that promotes accountability, particularly with regard to offering accurate and relevant performance reviews.

Retaining most of our clients for a decade or more is the ultimate testament to the quality of our operation

Throughout the business we are working to reduce our environmental impact, the carbon intensity of our activities and the natural resources we use. We also work hard to manage any ethical issues associated with our work, to support and engage our people in this aim and to help good causes.


Serving the sustainability needs of our clients is an important responsibility we embrace. The shared resource model offers both financial efficiencies and energy saving benefits, typically by the saved customer visits achieved when meeting customers to discuss many client’s proposals.

In addition to the efficiencies associated with our business model we strive to reduce our carbon footprint further through evolving policies, particularly with regard to our fleet. All of our company vehicles have energy saving devices adopting Stop-Start and Hybrid technologies.